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About Conference

Aims of the conference:
- To spread and to consolidate the theoretical discussions on Iranian Languages and dialects
- To contribute to scholarly studies of Iranian Languages and dialects
- To introduce the latest researches about the Old, Middle and New Iranian Languages   
- To investigate the spread of Iranian languages as one of the main element of relation among the people of region.

Main Theme of the Conference:
1. New and scholarly researches on the Old Iranian Languages (Old Persian, Avestan, Scythian (Saka) and Median Languages)
2. New and scholarly researches on the Western Middle Iranian Languages (Middle Persian and Parthian)
3. New and scholarly researches on the Eastern Middle Iranian Languages (Soghdian, Khotanese, Khwarezmian and Bactrian).  
4. New and scholarly Lingual researches about the New Iranian Languages and Dialects.
5. The Geography of Iranian Languages.

Although there will be a strong regional emphasis on the Iranian Languages and Dialects , this does not exclude a consideration of Lingual researches on the classical Persian texts, especially when carried out by scholars who have specialized in Persian Literature.
It is planned for the results of the conference a selection of papers to be published in a peer-reviewed book.

Conference Schedule

Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 21st July 2020

Date of Notification: 21st October 2020

Conference Date: November 2020





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